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You could try this for the smell.


Zeolite is a natural mineral that absorbs odor without a perfume or masking agent. I love using it because it's non-toxic and lasts for about six months.
Put the zeolite in the problem area and it will start absorbing the musty smells right away.
In addition to lasting for six months, zeolite is also reusable! It is very simple to recharge this mineral. All you need to do is expose it to direct sunlight sunlight or put it into a two hundred and fifty degree oven for thirty minutes, then...voila! Your zeolite's odor absorbing abilities have been restored.
and then, if you have an oven

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of butter to the baking sheet and place it in the oven at 200 degrees. This will help to give your house a pleasant baked-goods smell.


above would also be good for the New Rv smell.

Good luck
Mark & Susan
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Interior Odor Smell


I am re-posting in this thread because I cannot believe that we are the only ppl with a serious odor issue in their Zinger RV!

We have a 2013 Zinger BH 28' ..... I swear the smell inside is getting worse. Opened the doors the other day to ventilate & It's pretty wicked in there! We could smell it wafting down the driveway... 20' in front of the trailer! I am concerned that it could be a moldy smell & not the smell of construction materials that I was thinking it is.

I did have a few small windows open over the winter but the roof vent covers I installed last year aren't helping a lot given all the snow on the roof over the winter. But the vents and several windows were open all last summer - Nothing seems to help very much.

We seem to get the same smell in the unit that was there when we bought it but it seems to be getting worse rather than dissipating as you would expect of a "New trailer Smell" over time.

So I am thinking - If it were mold, where does it normally show up in RVs? We have never seen anything that resembled mold. I thought I read earlier of someone checking their Fridge vent for mold. Is this a common place for it to show up & where else is it important to watch for mold? I would think that the bathroom & window frames are common places to watch.... We do some early & late season camping so the heat is on a lot & the moisture on the windows etc can be plentiful. However on warmer days & when we are not using the unit, we tend to ventilate all the time, 3 roof vents wide open & a couple small windows, good weather ALL Windows are open. That always seems to dry things out pretty good. We dont really use this unit any differently than our old '05 Dutchmen... We never had any issue with mold in it or strange smells either. Ventilation never seemed to be an issue.

Any suggestions & thoughts are welcome.
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Mine was under the slide roof. All the slides leaked

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Is that right TDG!...

Wow, did u know they were leaking & did it cause an odor, viseable mold or mildew? I'm not aware of a leak anywhere, How did you become aware of yours?

This smell we get smells a lot like mildew, musty smell at 1st but after u get inside it smells like the same old smell the unit has alway smelt like inside since new. (especially in the cabinets.) Now its almost 3yrs old & almost seems worse right now that anytime in the past......?

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Gotta remember that those FEMA trailers that they used after Katrina made the people that lived in them sick. Same mat'l used in ours. ...hhmmm

It was a rainy few days at Algonquin Prov park...tarps kept us dry.
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We put dryer sheets sporadically throughout ours. Then again we area only weekenders during the summer time. Dryer sheets eliminate the camp fire smell anyway. Keep us posted on your dilemna though please.
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Originally Posted by harley View Post
Gotta remember that those FEMA trailers that they used after Katrina made the people that lived in them sick. Same mat'l used in ours. ...hhmmm
Formaldehyde. When I was shopping trailers, some manufacturers had such a strong formaldehyde smell my eyes were burning and it took a couple of days to scrub it off. I actually liked the Crossroads product because it was not that strong too me.
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Formaldehyde seems to keep coming up. I'm not really sure that it is Formaldehyde that I am smelling in our unit. I wouldn't think that Formaldehyde would be a healthy thing for ppl to be constantly breathing & ingesting in their food! If you have food in the unit more that a few days & say take it back home afterwords, The food tastes so bad (with trailer smell) that you have to throw it out! Your body is likely absorbing this same chemical all the while you are relaxing & eating inside your trailer! Probably not very good for you you in the long term!

I cannot believe that whatever this chemical is, That it would be legal to use materials containing such contaminates in the construction of any space that humans inhabit. If Crossroads is not going to help their customers with this problem then I guess we have to have independent testing done to verify what the nausiating chemical is , Where it is eminating from & Possibly take legal action to get the problem resolved!
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It seems to us that this persistent and reoccurring odor attaches itself to some types of plastic. We ended up washing the ENTIRE RV interior with OdoBan; . We washed the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, closets inside and out, drawers inside and out, cabinets inside and out. The worst problem was the pantry as the black plastic vent pipe sucked up the smell so we sealed in the smell with waterborne polyurethane. We now keep those cabinet and pantry doors ajar as well as the dresser drawers.

Prior to camping we run an air purified with an Ionizer feature and it seems to help as well.

We got very aggressive and used Biocide Systems RV Shocker Interior Deodorizer. You will need to mix this concoction and vacate the RV allowing this chemical to perform its magic.

Condensation may be an issue so we use Damp Rid devices in the closets and dressers. They make units that hang in the closet between your clothing, small units that sit on shelves just be very careful with the liquid that they produce. Condensation precipitates when the temperature is in the low 30ļ F, so keep storage areas warm. Keep the air moving inside the RV with a fan and vent moisture at the source; use the kitchen fan anytime you are cooking and use the bathroom vent anytime you are running hot water. Now we keep the interior temperatures up and ceiling vents cracked open (Hot air holds more moisture than cold air, so vent at the ceiling).

Good Luck
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The abc news recently listed out an article claiming that formaldehyde was poisoning rv vacationers Embalmed in Your RV: Formaldehyde Poisons Vacationers - ABC News . I donít believe that every RV manufacturers use formaldehyde in their production process but it was an informative article nevertheless. Get an exhaust fan it helps.I recently did a renovation on my bathroom and along with the bathroom accessories that I bought from better living dispenser I bought an exhaust fan both for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom. It improves the quality of indoor air and lessens the possibility of getting various health problems.
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