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I am just wondering I am new to RVing we have upgraded three time in the last year and have gotten bigger and better each time but I don't want to change my tow vehicle . We started lastAugust with a 2001 19' Aljo then sold it and bought a 2006 28' Pioneer BH and then sold it and we now own a 2012 Zinger 32RE . I am pulling it with a 2005 Chevy 1/2 ton with the 5.3 and a tow package the farthest we go is 70 miles from the house and it is all on flat level ground , tell me I will be ok , of course our salesman said it would be no problem . Thanks for reading this post .
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The Crossroads website lists the GVWR of your new 32RE at9800lbs. I think you may be pushing your max. Have you checked the towing capacity of your Chevy? Do you have a good weight distributing hitch with anti-sway? Timbren spring supports or air shocks?

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I pulled it home from lake texana when I first got it which is a distance of about 30 miles I was able to maintain a solid 65 with no problems . I do have a good reese wight distributing hitch and a anti sway control arm although I didn't have the sway arm mounted when I pulled it home .

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Just curious about your definition of "solid 65 with no problems". Can you advise as to what gear you were in and what revs you were running?

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I was in drive in the trailer mode and running about 2200 rpm,s

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The tow rating on a vehicle is based on the weakest link, usually one of the drive train components. I agree that you should check the ratings in your owner's manual. If you exceed the limit, you will find the weak link eventually. When I had a gas truck with the 4-speed trans., I remembered them recommending towing in 3rd gear. At least that is what I always did.

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According to the above link for tow ratings you are over your trucks capacities. Not sure exactly whichTV you have (ie reg cab, 4x4 etc) but it looks like the truck is gonna be rated around 8700 lb tow max. In reality most vehicles cannot tow their max capacity with a TT because the tongue weight is heavier and the limiting factor here is the payload. The weak link on any 1/2 ton is the payload. You can figure out your TV's actual available payload 1 of 2 ways. 1st, load the vehicle exactly as you would to go camping and with a full tank of fuel and weigh it at a local scale or at a cat scale. This is the actual weight of your TV, subtract this # from your vehicles GVWR and you get your available payload. The TT's tongue weight must be subtracted from the payload. Also if you subtract your vehicle's actual weight from the GCWR you get the adjusted towing capacity for your vehicle. The other way to figure out your payload is to look inside your driver's door at the sticker and find the listed payload. From this you must subtract the weight of any passenger, cargo and fuel. This is your available payload. You need to be under your TV's available payload with your TW. Several ways to figure your accurate TW.1. go weigh the TT as loaded to camp and figure 13-15% of that weight is TW, 2. use a sherline scale, 3. weigh all items you put in the TT and add that to the TT's adjusted dry weight (after dealer options and propane tanks etc have been added) and again figure 13-15% of that weight. 4. Take a guesstimate knowing that the average campers tend to put 1000-1500 lbs of stuff in their TT. Add that to the adjusted dry weight. (ex using brochure dry weight 7586 + 1000 lbs = 8586 lbs weight x 15% =1288 lb TW. ) More than likelyyou don't have enough payload to absorb that.

Now, having said all of that, here is what I can tell you. I have had the experience of having too little TV for the TT in my sig. I had an Armada rated to tow 9100 lbs but after passengers etc it turned out to only have an available payload of about 800 lbs or so. The TT in my sig weighs approx 7000 lbs ready to camp. We load more on the tongue because our TT doesn't do well w/ more weight in the rear. We figure 15% for our TW which is 1050 lbs in this case. Way too much for the armada even though the TT was well within an overall weight for the armada (and yes we were well within using the GCWR calcs too but I don't have those #'s since I no longer have the vehicle). We used the reese dual cam. Towing home with an empty TT from the dealer, it towed pretty well but I could feel some push from the semis and other cars around me. Once we loaded the TT, the nightmares began. We were pushed all over the road by the TT and even got pushed down a 7% grade. Now you may not be doing mountains now or even in the future but even driving 70 miles down the road is dangerous. Heck driving up the street overloaded is dangerous. People always seem to think that the shorter distance justifies an unsafe set up, it doesn't. We lasted 1 season of fighting to keep the TT on the road because like you we didn't want to upgrade a paid off vehicle. In the end, we decided our family's safety was worth the payment on the new to us TV. I also was very tired of the white knuckle experience. You may find your experience differs. I can only share my experience and what the numbers say. I wish you luck and hope you enjoy that beautiful new TT!

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" Heck driving up the street overloaded is dangerous. People always seem

to think that the shorter distance justifies an unsafe set up, it

doesn't. "

Good comments anaro,
The owner of the place where I store my RV is also an RV owner and a cop. (I mean Law Enforcement Officer). He and I were talking about TV when I asked what happened to his SUV that he towed his 32 ft TT with. He told me he traded it off for a used 3/4 ton after he had a discussion with other officers about being negligent. He pointed out that if you knowingly or even unknowingly tow or operate a vehicle beyond its intended range you can be open to liability in the case of a wreck. He said technically you could be cited for pulling a load that is over the rate of you vehicle.

Just some food for thought.

Now I am going to go sit in my new unit in the drive way and pretend.

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Yep, just make sure you feel confident your rig will perform well in emergency and hazardous conditions. High winds, pot holes, uneven roads, crazy drivers sharing the road, etc, etc.
If you are over your load rating, will you assume more liablity in a accident and what would be your insurance companies position?
Anyhow, congrats on the purchase!
That looks like a great camper with a nice layout.
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I will most definately second what Anaro said- When we bought our 31SB we were pulling it with a 2008 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton. Would it pull it- yes. Was it comfortable or safe- not really. We pull it now with a 2003 Ford F350 Diesel dually and it is night and day. To echo other comments as well, you may be able to get away with it, you may feel comfortable with your driving ability and all, but you have to look out for others on the road. Their unexpected actions and lack of respect can become very bad for you in a hurry in a panic situation. Good luck and happy camping!
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