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15 Feb 2012 - Crossroads 32Qb picked up from dealer<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><O:P></O:P>

18 Feb 2012 - Camped in the yard <O:P></O:P>

20 Feb 2012 - Camper returned to dealer for maintenance:<O:P></O:P>

Work Order Date: 20 Feb 2012<O:P></O:P>

1. Front door needs adjustment – wont close without slamming – Adjust Door <O:P></O:P>

2. Cargo door has a leak at the top – you can see daylight. When repair is finished please put water on it and make sure repair is complete – adjusted door but could still see daylight at the hindges. Added seal at the top of the door and at the hinges. Tested with water and found no leaks<O:P></O:P>

3. Main dinette accent trim has popped loose along with the brace – resecured the top trim and also resecured back panel <O:P></O:P>

4. Rear dinette is supposed to turn into an additional bunk. However the table top doesn’t sit into the designed area properly – found that the table top is too long. a new table top will have to be ordered. We have requested a table top with the dimensions of 37?x241/4?.<O:P></O:P>

5. Outside speaker wired wrong. Rewired, operating properly at this time<O:P></O:P>

Work Order Date: 27 Feb 2012<O:P></O:P>

1. Light fixture over dinette is loose – Secured light Fixture<O:P></O:P>

2. Bathroom Door will not stay shut – misaligned and striker to far in – moved Striker up and adjusted door<O:P></O:P>

3. Both door on dinette booth will not shut – the wood is cracked where the latches are and pushed back to far – trimmed the wood where the latches are and moved back to where the door would shut<O:P></O:P>

4. Entry door is hard to shut – Misaligned – adjusted the entry door <O:P></O:P>

5. Sewer cap missing – installed cap<O:P></O:P>

02 Mar 2012 - First road trip Little Ocmulgee State Park<O:P></O:P>

05 Mar 2012 - Camper returned to dealer for maintenance:<O:P></O:P>

Work Order Date: 05 Mar 2012<O:P></O:P>

1. Both sides of camper blowing out while riding down the road – you can see the metal has pulled out from under the front rail <O:P></O:P>

2. Seal at awning rail gaps under the patio awning and is leaking down the side of unit<O:P></O:P>

3. Slide out awning sags<O:P></O:P>

4. CS that the shower pan feel unsupported at drain<O:P></O:P>

5. Passenger side front compartment door leaks<O:P></O:P>

6. Entertainment center door has screws stripped out and fell off<O:P></O:P>

7. Bottom storage under sink doesn’t stay closed<O:P></O:P>

8. Bathroom door sticks<O:P></O:P>

9. Bathroom vent leaking<O:P></O:P>

10. Slide out doesn’t go in and out evenly<O:P></O:P>

11. Putty gaps at both front rails <O:P></O:P>

12. Passenger side top metal at front of unit coming out of metal<O:P></O:P>

Note: No corrective actions annotated. Camper Stayed at dealer 3 weeks<O:P></O:P>

30 Mar – 1 Apr 2012 second road trip Fort McAllister Historic Park<O:P></O:P>

1. One section of skin on left side of camper from the nose to windows came off during travel. Jeffery Hulette, his wife and I placed duct tape and screws to secure section back in place.<O:P></O:P>

2. Several calls placed to dealer. Requested a tech from their store or the one in Savannah Ga. show up at my camp site to fix or replace my camper. I was later advised by a tech from the Savannah dealership to leave the camper at Fort McAllister Historic Park and have someone from the Byron store retrieve it.<O:P></O:P>

02 Apr 2012 - Camper returned to dealer for maintenance:<O:P></O:P>

1. Meeting held with Dealership GM, Service manager, and me. I explained I had another trip already paid for leaving on 4 Apr 2012 and that I was under the impression that a replacement camper would be in place. The GM told me that would have to be approved by Crossroads. After leaving the dealership I placed a call to Crossroads and spoke to Lisa and then later to Janet explaining all the particulars. <O:P></O:P>

2. I was told the only thing Crossroads would approve was a temp fix so I could keep my trip and not lose money.<O:P></O:P>

3. Camper was picked up on 3 Apr 2012.<O:P></O:P>

4-7 Apr 2012 Third road trip Eagle’s Roost<O:P></O:P>

1. Several spots in floor separating<O:P></O:P>

2. Main bed room blind will not stay up

and the list continues to grow!!09 Apr 2012 - Camper scheduled to returned to dealer for maintenance<O:P></O:P>

<O:P></O:P>If you have any questions, comments or guidance please let me know Edited by: ageworker
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Send it back to Crossroads. I would call Randy Mischler and request the repair center review the entire camper given the lengthy and not so minor repair list. I will say this is the first list of this type I've seen on a Zinger, they are pretty well built but lemons do happen (and I'm sorry you are the owner of one).

Randy at the service center is by far the best repair manager in the business.
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Thanks. I have tried to talk to him but either he or i have miss phone calls from each other hopefully this week i will have better luck. <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" />

As for call this camper a lemon I would have to agree but the dealer and crossroads seem reluctant to agree with this finding.

My family and I love the floor plan and room of this model but we are starting to regret this purchase. I will say I am thankful for the temp fix they put on the camper that allowed us to go on our last trip. These trips mean everything to me, which I’m aware they mean a lot to everyone else with a camper, but when you spend months away from your family and facing another trip every moment counts. I don’t want my wife to have to deal with all of this if and when I leave and it would be even more difficult for me to handle things from a laptop with questionable connection.
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Everyone says Randy is great, How do you get in touch with him? I sent an email to the service center a month ago about the melted power line into my 5er and I have not heard squat. Thats what I call non-service center!


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In looking forRandy's phone #, I found these in old posts. Not sure which one is a correct phone # but you can certainly try both 888 226 7496 or 855-226-7496. The numbers are very similar so one is probably wrong but you can try both. Randy</span> is very good at getting problems resolved. Good luck to both ofyou.

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I havent had much luck reaching him either. I have left several messages and sent emails.
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Forget the e-mails Randy don't seem to like computors but he does return phone calls. He will help you or point you in the right direction.
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i recieved one phone call from him. i explained my issues as he reviewed my file. he told me he would contact the dealer and that has been the last i have heard from him
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We had a very similar situation with our first Sunset Trail. It just couldn't be repaired. After many attempts we came to the conclusion we had purchased a lemon. Our list was very similar to yours in length and severity.
Sadly I must say after several conversations with Crossroads personally and through our dealer the factory was unwilling to do anything further. After almost six months and five payments later our dealer finally stepped up and replaced our TT with a new one. I know the dealer didn't send it back to the factory because it still sits on their lot. I'm sure they did the best they could to remedy the problems and have put it on their used lot at a very discounted price.
It is our belief if we had continued to expect the factory to correct this we would still be waiting and would have a useless TT. We never got to use out TT for the six months we owned it.
We are extremely greatful to have a dealer who still believes the customer is their most important asset. Our new TT is great. We have taken it out four times since February. It just feels better even though it's the same make and model.
Good luck with your endeavor. Don't give up and hold everyone accountable.
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Rooster, just curious I see you are in Texas. Was your dealer in the Fort Worth area ?

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