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We completed our walk through on Friday and took delivery of our new 2013 ST 20 CK. It's an amazing trailer that we're really excited about.

Last night, I had some time to look through the material in our 'owner's packet'. Included is all the generic material about every component of the new trailer, basically from all the different manufacturers. It's unfortunate that you can't get a manual that is specific to your trailer and to the options you have installed. I understand the expenses involved and the generic approach is also used, to a lesser extent, with automobiles. At least with an automobile you don't get manuals, and installation instructions, from the manufacturer of the car stereo, heater, a/c, frame, and steering column

I was told by the dealer that we should have had documentation on the axles, frame and wheels, but nothing was included in our packet. Are we missing information? (I understand that the axles were made by Lippert, which is contrary to what I was told during my tour of the factory the week before last.)

What I found very disappointing was the really, really, poor quality of some of the material. I've attached a few pages that I scanned to this post. These are not poor scans, but in fact, the originals on my desk look equally poor. You have to work pretty hard to even read them.

What I don't understand is how these horrible prints / copies got into the 'owner's packet' when it obviously is a horrible representation of what I think is a class company. To give this material to your brand new customer is, quite frankly, embarrassing to the company and the brand. Doesn't anyone look at this material before it's packed into the brown envelope? If I had an employee working for me, who created this material, and then put it in the packets for my new customers - I'd fire them! To me, this would be unacceptable. Someone needs to take ownership of this issue at CR.

Some my think this is an over exaggeration. I'm okay if you feel that way. I run my own business, and I can tell you that in today's business, EVERYTHING matters. Even, and especially, the little stuff. You want your customers to have a good impression of your company, especially a good FIRST impression. This material fails miserably at it. I hope someone from ST and/or CR reads this post and corrects this for future customers.

Document 1 - This is the worst. Off center, copied at an angle to the page, very weak print, barely legible.

Document 2 - It's also not straight on the page. CR, buy a decent quality laser printer ($200 bucks) and print these documents!

Document 3 - I've seen better copies from a 'ditto' machine in the 1970's. (for those old enough to remember 'dittos')

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Not surprising really. The RV industry, in general, hasn't progressed much even with the bad economy of the last few years. They're still like the auto industry in the 1950's.

It's surprising they don't "get it". As they consolidate, or go bankrupt, there still isn't a realization that quality and customer service is what will sell. In fact, as most companies are in "survival mode" you see that in their products.
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Wow - people actually read all that crap they give you when you buy one?

Seriously, I hope you don't judge the entire industry or base your ownership experience on vendor related manuals.
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A readable owners manual would be something you would consider a necessity.

And yes, some of us do look at the material we were given, might come in handy if you are havin a problem with a system in your rv.

Seems like rv manufacturers have a problem with quality, even their printed materials.

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I just went through all of the manuals, paperwork, etc, and puteverything in a binder so I could keep it organized, much the same way I have had with previous trailers only I didn't have to do this myself before, it came in a nice binder already. Some of the documents looked just as bad as what you have posted. I have to agree, it's the little, small details that are somtimes overlookedwhich can really put the shine on the value you feel when purchasing your new trailer. Not sure why is over-looked so much. What an inexpensive way for a company to increase the preceivedvalue of their product.... who doesn't want tobe reminded,even in very small ways that the decision to buy a product was the right decision?

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Agreed, a ten year old kid could whip something better than this up on the computer.
I also had this same complaint with these documents with my 2009 Coachmen, think the entire RV industry uses the same cheap photo copies.
Hopefully Crossroads hears complaints like this and makes changes accordingly! Could you imagine if your new $65k diesel truck had manuals like this
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Or how 'bout this no brainer.
Put all the info on a CD.
Give it to the customer who can then print off all the .pdf's they may want.
Or load all the info on their web site under "downloads".
Then when we need or want it,,,,click! We have it.
No copies, don't have to worry about including it in the RV.
Dealer can't steal it and give it to someone else.
They could even "make" their parts suppliers provide the info as part of the purchase agreements to use their products.
Hey, I think I might post this under the "new website" postings!

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I 2nd that the owner information packs suck. With the low number of units being pumped out each day there is no reason why a new package couldn't be printed out for each specific unit or a CD burned. Copies of copies date unknown is pretty pathetic.

To me as a consumer this would be a huge a selling point in differentiation between brands, beside put the ownership of keeping docs updated on the suppliers who load the pdf's / data sheets to a central database.


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Took delivery of my new ST26BH on Tuesday of last week. I found the documentation just as bad as posted. I have all my documents in a box in one of the tubs. I should probably put it in a folder like you did but so far, I just scatter it all over the table until I can find the document I need. And boy, did I need it on our first trip this last weekend. Too Bad it didn't help...

I set the trailer up a couple times in my drive and garage just to check things out and get some practice so I didn't look like a real rookie in an rv park. The set ups went really well so we loaded up and headed out about 80 miles away for the break-in trip. Got there and the rear electric stabilizer wouldn't extend. No sound, no movement, no nothing. Guessing it was a fuse, I started pulling fuses out of the fuse box but that wasn't it. Next I called the dealer, no one there that new anything and it was good friday so it was unlikely I'd get any help from them on the weekend.

So on to the Lippert stabilizer document. That manual says you must disconnect a wire to the motor to operate the stabilizer manually. The only way I could see to disconnect a wire was to cut it. :-( I ended up cutting both wires to the motor and I still couldn't operate the stabilizer screw manually. Finally after three (3) hours of laying in the dirt working on it I realized I had to completely remove the motor in order to turn the jack screw at all.

So much for documentation and the trailer is back in the shop after exactly one (1) trip and 160 miles.

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Sorry to hear about the stabilizer issues. I asked lots of questions about manual overrides for the electric components - tongue jack, stabilizers and awning. I'm not confident that the service tech had all the right answers, but for the stabilizers, he found a manual crank on the opposite side from the motor. He then used the tool in the 'basement' storage to manually lower the stabilizer a bit to show me how it's done. On our trailer, both stabilizers on the front (or back) extend up / down together, so only one motor in the back and one in the front. No wires were disconnected. Hope he didn't screw anything up.

To my way of thinking, all these electric components are nice - When they work as advertised. If they fail, it should be clear how to manually operate them so that you're not stuck someplace with stabilizers down and now way to leave for home.

It also reminds me of options on a car. The more you get, the more things can fail, the more it costs for maintenance.

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