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Could really use your help. My brother just purchased a Sunset Trail model ST29SS and will be towing it with a Ford F150 Platinum truck. He will be driving from MA to PA to pick it up and drive home to MA. My question is what is the best Weight Distributing Hitch with Sway Control to buy in your opinion? If you don't mind maybe your reasons and how difficult is the installation/setup? Thanks in advance!

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When we had a TT, we had the Reese straightline hitch. The dual cam setup was far superior to the original friction sway control we had. For the price I don't think you can beat the Reese setup.
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Mostall seem to work fairly well----basically you get what you pay for. Go with a name brand, look at different systems and pick the one you think you can work with.


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Equalizer is what I use and its easy to setup and I have had no problems with sway or anything. I have a buddy that bought the same size trailer as my 32qb and he bought the Reese dual cam. We went camping and hecommented on the amount of bounce he had so we tried to adjust it and it never felt right to him or me. After he made several more camping trips with his Reese he asked to use mine, so I loaned him my hitch setup for one of his trips and he now owns a Equalizer.
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I have the reese dual cam. We had it installed by the dealer who didn't set it up right. We then went back and forth trying to get it right. I got lots of help from another board and finally have it dialed in just about right. It was a bear to get correct. It will require lots of measurements to be taken and the help of a good CAT scales. It is a good system once it is dialed in right. I know some other popular hitches are Equalizer, Hensley Arrow and Propride hitches. I understand hensley arrow and Propride are pretty expensive.

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I used both the reese and now have the Equializer, and both worked ok for me. The equializer is easy to hook up but does make a noise when turning unless you grease it or buy the rubber bushing. The selling dealer of your trailer should set it up for you at no charge. Good luck.....
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Like most things there is no "best". I liked the E-qual-i-zer because it is ridiculously easy to use and very effective. All the hitches seem to do some squealing with use. The Reese dual cam is a proven design. Due to the price the Hensley Arrow is unobtanium So, do you like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
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I'll have a bowl of vanilla with chocolate dipped strawberries on top.

I have only towed with the equalizer. I tried to get someone to recommend the reese dual cam, but I could not find anyone who would recommend it over the equalizer. It seems like the dual cam should be better (to my engineering brain), but apparently the simplicity of the eq. makes it more popular.

I haven't had any troubles with the hitch.

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I have the Equalizer with a QBS 320 and the 2006 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Duramax...it has worked great for 5 years and I think it's an easy set up and tear down. It pulls like a dream and I have had no problems yet. I would support any set up that had Equalizer as it's connecting system.

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I had a Reese w/sway control on a previous shorter (23 feet), lighter trailer. Never seemed to control the sway no matter how many times I tried to adjust. Chose the Equal-I-Zer when I bought the Sunset Trail and there is a night an day difference. No sway at all plus easy set-up. Another vote for Equal-I-Zer.

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