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We made an offer Sunday afternoon during a local RV show.

We chose the 2013 26BH based on its smaller/reasonable size/weight, tons of features and our family needs and wants. Love the full coach and bigger dinette and bigger queen bed. Don't need the exterior kitchen and as far as a smaller bathroom, I don't think i will be using it much. It seems better sized for women and kids. We have 3 small kids under 5, so we may need to get larger beds down the road, but it seems roomy for now.

I always thought the extended warranty was for suckers, but it seems there are things that go wrong, and with the RESERVE model everything is electric. Some people love the convenience but it also means more can go wrong. The extended warranty is $2500 and it lasts 7 years, so while it offers a concurrent warranty for the first 2 years it does offer some extras. Is it worth it? I believe Crossroads makes a great product, but I was wondering if its worth it if a slide motor goes. If you claim nothing in 7 years, you get $200 of that back....seems unlikely NOTHING goes wrong in 7 years though no matter hpow good the quality.

Given the fading fibreglass cap issues and the overall look of the trailer over the long term. They are offering a true -coat product that coats the unit and will keep it shiny, easier to clean. I also read about rock chips. I haven't had a chance to ask the dealer if it helps with that yet . Maybe I'd still need to buy #M film for the cap anyway or get a Towtector.

I usually scoff at things like extended warranty and the coating, but since its my first RV I am not sure.

As far as use, it will be mountains and local campgrounds, not much gravel roads, and I don't plan on taking it into the backcountry to hunt.

Any input on the model itself and the warranty/protection would sure be appreciated. We considered the 27BH, but the smaller table, sofa bed and master queen trumped the outside kitchen and top double bunk the 27 BH had.

Papers are not signed yet so we can still make a switcher.

Sorry to ramble.....</td></tr></t></table>

I'm new at this.
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Max, It is good to do your homework and anyone spending hard earned money like we do for TT's should and will be concerned. I am not a big fan of extended warranty I did buy an extended warranty for six years on a previous Montana from CW. The little pamphlet full of doubt and scare tactics sold me. I got home, read the warranty from cover to cover and realized how little it did cover and what a poor deal I had made. There were so many deductibles of 50 or 100 dollars plus the work had to be done at a CW facility. The warranty started immediately and many of the items protected were protected by the factory warrant the first few years. I had two issues within the six year period, a circuit board on one air conditioner and a an inverter. I chose each time to have it repaired out of pocket as what the cost was after the deductible was minimal plus the cost of diesel to run 80 miles one way and then back. They do not sell them to give money away...they do it for a big profit....that is my viewpoint. I bought a Rushmore last spring and will take my chances as always after the 2+5 runs out.I told them no extended warranty. I am banking after we remove the wrinkles in the first years that Crossroads does make a good product or they would not stand behind it the way they do. As for the stones buy a rock goes with you when you get a new camper. I apply a good old fashioned coating of hand rubbed Carnuba wax at least twice a year and clean my roof twice a year minimum. My two cents from where I sit. Best wishes with whatever you decide and enjoy yourself with your decision. Go gets shorter every minute.

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First things first....WELCOME!!!!

We were thinking the same thing and purchased an extended warranty (through our dealer not Crossroads). I agree that with all the electrics there is bound to be an issue and dependent on how often a year you us your unit the problem may not show itself right away. I know others will disagree but for me that was money well spent for peace of mind.
Please let me know what your dealer comes up with for the rock chips. We are experiencing that problem and did not tow for more than about 200 miles last year and no gravel roads AND I have mudflaps on the truck. I am thinking 3M but would be interested to hear what a dealer says.

I was a new owner when I started looking at this forum and was surprised to see the issues and negative posts that pop up. Until you get on other forums and notice that other brands have the same sort of issues and posts it seems Crossroads is pretty bad. So far we are happy with our purchase and our dealer (CanDan RV) has been exceptional with any warranty issues we have had.
I have heard it said here and on other forums that alot more people are quick to post negative issues while fewer post positive experience.
If you think you are getting a good deal go for it and enjoy your trailer while you can as time is short. Read what you can on the forums and take all comments with a grain of salt. In my humble opinion Crossroads makes a pretty good product.

Happy trails


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Normally I avoid extended warranties but did get one on our previous Cruiser. Primary reason is that we were going to be on a very tight budget during the early yrs of retirement and didn't need any surprise budget busters. Never used the warranty, for the few things that did fail, it was easier and cheaper for me to just buy the parts and make the repairs myself. If you can, save the $2500 and use it if you have a problem.
Larry Day

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The way I look at it is if you cannot get the bugs out in 2 Yrs you would never get it out, we got a 2012 Sunset Trail and had minor things to do on it Plus we still have until October this year, that is only my take on extended warranty. Good Luck
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It was the 2012 Sunset Trail 30 RE
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I, too, generally skip the extended warranty. We purchased the 5 year CW warranty for our Zinger. We are only 20 min from the CW we purchased from, and we only got the middle-of-the road warranty. A simple thought on my end was that if we have to replace a fridge or other major appliance after 3 or 4 years, we have recooped major portion of warranty (warranty cost us about $1500).

Even under warranty, I generally fix simple items myself (quite handy). The only other things I have ever bought warranties on was a washer/dryer and my wife's tablet. This one seemed worth it.

Another thought, depending on where you live, is if you are buying from a dealer that is 2-3 hours away because of price point and a different dealer is closer, you will likely regret it if you have any problems.

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<table ="tableBorder" align="center" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><t><tr ="msgableRow" style="height:200px;min-height:200px;"></tr><tr ="msgableRow" style="height:200px;min-height:200px;"><td ="msgLineDevider" valign="top">

<div ="msg">
I questioned the value of a extended warranty when I purchased my
Crossroads Patriot at he Hershey RV show this past September. What
really convinced was looking at all the electronics and electrical
components on the new RV.
After going back and forth with my wife she reminded about the problems
we had to pay out of pocket on our older 5th wheel. Probably set me
back 4 grand over the past 7 years. That 5er was not as advanced as our new CR and we finally decided to go with the extended warranty.
the forum you will find many do not believe in the extended warranty
and almost just as many do. On another RV forum I ran a poll asking if
you bought a new RV with an extended warranty. The results were 25
yes--26 no.
going to be your own choice based on your own experiences or for you on
the advice of others along with your feelings about and extended
warranties. I also purchased a EW with my new truck. A lot of computer
and electronics also.
the warranty I bought was a Good Sams warranty for 7 years. At the
show the manufacturer payed $1000 of the total price of $2200.00 as an

For me it also was a feeling of security.

<tr ="msgableRow">
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<div ="msgSignature">

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Just responded to your other post. Just an FYI it is considered bad form to post 2 different simultaneously threads on the same topic, also known as double post.

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Thanks so much for the feedback, a lot to consider.

Sorry for thedouble post. I thought the best place was the other thread...until i noticed how sparse the posts were. That is why I posted it here again.

I'll be more careful in the future.

A major question is, how long will we keep never knows.

One concern is the mention of a new or modified 2 year warranty. I will have to look more closely at that, but is it a 'comprehensive' on the Reserve editions for 2 years still or is the model irrrelevant?

We were led to believe it was 2 yrs on the Reserve ST.

Another Q - is an Equalizer brand hitch the way to go? Seemes to be popular, but I could see it being a Ford/Chev/Dodge preference as far as other options.
I'm new at this.
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