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Question about diesel?

I have a question for everyone, and I am not trying to get into a brand battle with this post. Just a simple question on your thoughts about a situation.

I currently have a 2007 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 6.0L truck with about 102,000 miles on it. It has done well for me pulling my current 30ft travel trailer. I have been casually looking for a fifth wheel, and my current gas motor setup somewhat has me worried.

I came across a 2005 Ram 2500 crew cab with the 5.9L Cummins. The truck is spotless, but has about 156,000 miles on it. No fifth wheel hitch has ever been installed. Dealer said that the truck was used to pull no more than a 20ft enclosed trailer with some 4 wheelers in it.

I know it is going back in years, and up in miles, but would this be something worth considering? Would anyone have any issues buying a diesel with 156,000 miles on it?

Thanks in advance.
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I will share my thoughts:

Depending on price, maybe. The 5.9L is bulletproof, and my buddy has roughly 250K on his 1997. Don't buy dealer BS on what it towed, though. He will say anything to sell it.

If it is a good deal, and the truck is in good shape, I would consider it - but find a reputable mechanic that specializes in diesels and have them give it a good look-see.

The 6.0L Chevy is a good motor, too. While you are "entertaining" the idea of a 5th wheel, it may be worth looking around a lot or saving for a newer diesel with less miles. If you even get another year out of the Chevy, it certainly can help "up" the range you are looking at for the replacement.
Eddy & Brenda
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I guess I should probably give a little more information on my situation. I currently put about 5,000 to 6,000 miles on my truck a year. It is really only used in the winter for 4 wheel drive, and then when I am pulling my trailer. I would say that out of the miles per year, 2,000 of it is probably pulling the trailer around. So it isn't driven a lot.

I have been looking at the possibility of getting a Sunset Trail SF28BH, or now the SF29BH, fifth wheel for a while. I put a post on here about it a while ago, and the reviews were mixed. A few said I would have no problem pulling this trailer with my gas motor, and others recommended I go to a diesel.

I know that if I spend the money and go for a diesel, i won't regret it, but I just don't have $35,000 to $40,000 to drop on a gently used diesel, and then get a new 5th wheel in the next year or so.
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Thanks for the quick reply Eddy. I do agree with your comment about never trusting a dealer on what it towed. That is why I asked him to give me the previous owner information, and he did. So I will be giving the guy a call tonight to ask him about the truck.

From what I can tell, the truck is spotless. There is no rust on this truck at all, and the dealer is asking about $17,500 for the truck. For around here, that is a very fair price for the condition of the truck. That is really the only reason I started looking to begin with. The miles though are question for me. I just don't want to purchase this truck, and then have it start nickel and dimeing me to death. I know the engine is strong, and there are brand new tires on it. But i don't want bearing issues, transmission issues, suspension issues, or anything like that to creep up shortly after I purchase it.

I guess I will find out a lot of info tonight when I talk to the previous owner. Hopefully he has some good maintenance records that he can show me as well.
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We purchased our truck used with over 100,000 miles on it about 4 years ago. The nice thing about diesels is that you can get a lot more miles out of them than a gas engine. We took our truck to a shop and had them go over the whole thing to make sure it was in good shape. That included doing a scan of the motor and drive train, I wanted to know what I was getting. It cost me roughly around $100.00 for them to check everything but also gave me a bargaining chip when it came to the price also. We currently have over 215,000 on our truck now and still going strong. When you get an older truck gas or diesel you can figure you will have to do some work on it sooner or later (brakes, bearings, seals, suspension, etc.), everything wears out over time. By buying a newer truck you are just prolonging it a little more, but if the truck has been well maintained you shouldn't have to do a lot of that for some time. Personally I wouldn't hesitate purchasing another diesel with over 100,000 miles as long as it was well taken care of.

Phil & Janine
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I purchased my 03 Ram 2500 desiel back in 08 with 75K on it. Was the best investment I made to tow my 11K 5th wheel. I now only have 127K on it and now tow a new SF32RL fiver. I love the power it has and the mileage is double (6mpg to 13mpg) what my gasser used to get towing. The motor still runs strong after 11+ years. Just had to replace the tranny this summer which is a known problem with Dodge. Other than that I wouldn't hesitate buying it if it's in good shape. A desiel doesn't get broken in until 100,000 miles, so it's still like new.
John and Cindy
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I don't know where the idea comes from that a diesel isn't broken in until it has 100,000 mi. on it. I think they are broken in well before that. There might even be a lot of maintenance happening by then, and the maintenance on a diesel is more expensive then a gas engine.
Granted, they will normally have a longer life span then a gas engine--if, they are properly maintained.

In my opinion, for the amount of miles you say you put on towing, I would keep the gas truck for another year or two.
If you have your heart set on a diesel, just keep your eyes open, something newer with less miles will pop up for a price you won't be able to pass on.
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I see you are in WI. Do they use salt on your roads ? That truck is 10 years old (or will be very soon). That means the brake lines, the trans lines, the fuel lines have 10 years of salt/weather exposure.

Do you have the mechanical ability to replace the lines yourself ? If not, that gets real expensive in a hurry

In fact, if your current truck has seen salt, you are getting close to the time that GM brake lines rot out. We (the trailer we on this site) had a discussion recently about stainless lines.

Knowing now what I know, I wouldn't put a trailer behind a 10 year old truck that comes from the rust belt without new brake lines on it.

With that said, my truck is an 04.5, and does the job just fine, that truck would also,

as long as you go over it and bring it back up to code and not take a chance on a critical failure while towing.
psssttt drcook = David R, not Dr. but thanks for the compliment. Most folks just call me Dave.

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Sounds like a good truck - be prepared to rebuild and bulletproof the transmission - usually about $3K. Ask the previous owner if it's been done. It's really the only weak link in that truck. Once rebuilt properly (which should have been done at the factory before they were ever sold but wasn't), you should get a lot of years out of that truck.
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I have mixed opinions on this, A gently used diesel at that milage may be fine.
But many diesel engines at that mileage have problems that can run into the thousands of dollars. fuel pumps, injectors, turbos ect.....
Alot can depend on maintainance, driving conditions. You could be buying a motor that will go another 100,000 miles or one that is getting ready to have a alot of problems in the near future. I have yet to own a diesel engine in a pickup that was cheap to work on.
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