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Aceallenk 09-04-2017 02:26 PM

Better late than never
Today I setup my tow hitch to the trailer. When we purchased our used trailer almost 2 months ago, the previous owner threw in the Reese load leveler/weight distribution round bar hitch. We did use the trailer a few short camping trips but never got around or really noticed that the trailer was a bit nose down . Until a few days ago and started to read on this site and educate myself as to how the trailer should be in a close to straight/level line as should be the truck. Anywho, last night ordered the Reese friction sway bar and today got this rig sitting near perfect to the truck and road. Guess when the sway control shows up and installed I'll take the trailer out on a windy day etc to try and get that a bit adjusted, hopefully before it takes its final trip from in front of the house to behind the house, or again on that day to. Sure appreciate all the previous hitching, towing, threads on this site. After a little read, a little U-Tube, a couple Google searches, it was understandably common sense to why you want your trailer level and your tow vehicle. Plus it even looks smarter, cause as I was adjusting mine, a down the street neighbor, went by with his trailer and it looked like his trucks front wheels were about to come off the ground. Guaranteed his head lights will be lighting up the moon, lol, not cool.

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