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acochrane 09-16-2012 10:11 AM

Hi....I need help :( I have a 2012 Sunset Trail 29QB that we ordered new and picked up from our dealer on May 7th 2011. We have had nothing but trouble with it! The first week we had it I had water coming in the front of it where a marker light was not sealed properly, had to have the materess replaced because of water damage. The first weekend we had it out, we had the furnance on and it was cold out had the typical condinsation on the windows but we had water running in the cupboards above the coach. When we contacted the dealer about this they told us it was normal because of the aluminum wall were sweating causing condinsation and it was not leaking. When putting it away for winter as we are pulling it out of our driveway we notice a lage stream of water coming out of the underbelly around the fresh water drain we again called our dealer and was told over the phone to "just cut the underbelly"! I was beside myself!! We took it to them and they told us that everythingwas dry and we were basically crazy. This summer we had water running down the walls in the cupboard over the table and I have a water stain on the walls under the window in the front bedroom...again to the dealer and nothing is wrong. This past weekend I was going to bed to find that the pillows were soaked and there was mould starting on the front wall and there is mould starting on the plywood under the materess. We will be contacting the dealer yet again but have no faith in what they tell us :(

Has anyone ever heard of the aluminum walls in the Sunset Trails sweating causing a lot of water in the cupboards? Everything we are being told does make sense to us, we have had two previous campers and never had the trouble we have had so far with this one!

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and we are noticing that the roof has got staples starting to pop up through the rubber and that there are missing screws in the vents that when we tried to replace them there was nothing there that the screws would take hold of. And the front nose cone on it is starting to ripple therefore pulling the silicone away from the seams...The list seems to go on and on.....

Like I said any opinions or help with what we should do next would be greatly appreciated!

A Cochrane
Falmouth, Nova Scoita Canada

8iron 09-16-2012 12:16 PM

Ditch the dealer and call Crossroads directly with all the concerns you have about yor unit and the dealers (lack of) response...your trailer has issues that obviously need addressed. BTW the walls are not aluminum, the studs/frame is but the walls aren't.

Djkell001 09-17-2012 01:02 PM

I agree if the dealer is non responsive call the factory. I dealt with Bill Hodges.

acochrane 09-17-2012 10:06 PM

Thank you for the help! Djkell001 do you have a direct contact number for Bill Hodges or just phone the main number and ask for him?

The camper is going back to the dealer, yet again, this week. Depending on what they do I will be contacting CrossRoads by the first of next week! I can't see them fixing it as they haven't yet.

Thank you again for the help

A Cochrane
Falmouth, Nova Scotia Canada

Djkell001 09-18-2012 02:52 AM

260*593*2866 ext460</span>

acochrane 09-20-2012 12:09 PM

Okay so we took the camper to the dealer, yet again....We left it but at this point we are not really sure why. We were told by the Service Manager that missing screws around the vent pipe was normal and nothing to worry about. Also the staples that were working their way up on the roof was nothing to worry about. With the water in the front of the trailer we didn't need to worry about the batt (pink) insulation because it dries...the water will evaporate out of it??? OMG!! We have never been so disgusted in our lives!!

The next step is to contact CrossRoads directly but at this point we do not trust the dealer to do the work :( AHHH!!

So my next question is has anyone every heard that the batt insulation that CrossRoads uses in the nose cones of the trailers dries after it's been wet on more than one occasion???


Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

stokesj 09-21-2012 04:23 AM

Hi there - I suggest you call Crossroads directly and let them know what is happening, not depend solely on your dealer. We have had a number of issues with our 2013 Sunset Trail 31BH and even though it went back to the dealer in Bridgewater, NS, I contacted Crossroads from the get go to keep them informed. We had a leak from our back slide (wasn't sealed properly during construction) which caused us a few trips back to the dealer. The dealer fixed the leak (fingers crossed, because it hasn't leaked since) but Crossroads authorized the installation of slide awnings for both slide outs to help compensate us for our troubles. I know we pay enough for these trailers but it was some consellation that they had these installed for us. They told us they like to be notified when there are issues and the dealer does not do that, so to speak. When the issue is covered by warranty, a warranty claim gets sent to Crossroads but it is nice to actually speak to them yourself. They are the experts that deal with issues much more frequently than the dealers. We have also been dealing with Bill Hodge and he was very helpful and prompt with his repsonses/calls.

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