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luke0872 11-17-2014 09:39 PM

heated hose question
I am looking at buying a heated hose so I can leave the water supply hooked up while in freezing temps. If my hose is heated and water supply faucet is underground should I be okay? Or can things still freeze inside the trailer and crack? Never dealt with winter rving at the deer lease.

johnboytoo 11-18-2014 05:57 AM

That depends on the depth and duration of the freeze...
Will you have the propane furnace running and electricity ?
otherwise I would winterize to be sure... (and if your temps are like ours this morning, 23 in DFW!, you are probably asking that question too late :))

We have the heated hose too, and a "four season" package, but ours did freeze last year. The water lines and all can 'give' a bit, but the fixtures and water manifolds usually do not have any expansion space and that's where you will run into issues...

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