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Hi, we are thinking about buying the Crossroads Sunset Trail Reserve 32BH but need to confirm my 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 5.3L V8 with rear axle 3.42 will work. I was told by my local GM dealer that the LTZ has heavy duty cooling package and max towing capacity is 9500 lbs. The dry weight of the trailer is 7204.Any help with be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I pulled a similar Flagstaff trailer with a nearly exact GMC. The truck will pull it, but you'll be a lot happier with a heavier duty truck, especially if you pull in hilly or mountainous terrain. Also, you need to take into account the weight of your equipment and supplies, water, etc. that you will be carrying in the camper. That adds a considerable amount of weight over and above that 7204 dry weight of the unit.
Mike in Tennessee
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Instead of telling you yes or no, I'm gonna show you how to correctly figure this out. This way a salesman won't sell you something you really can't tow.

You need to know more about your trucks capabilities than just my truck can tow x lbs. (I learned this the hard way). A truck never really can tow its stated capacity due to options, passengers etc.Most TV are limited by their payload. To find out your TVs true towing capacities then you need to go weigh it. Load the tv up with all occupants, pets, and cargo that will be in it when towing plus a full tank of fuel and then go weigh it at a local scale ( ).Weigh each axle on a separate scale pad so it will give you a breakdown of front and rear axle weights individually and a total weight. Take the total weight and subtract it from your Trucks gvwr to get your available payload. Take the scaled Truck weight and subtract it from your Truck gcwr to get your adjusted towng capacity.

Next understand you will never tow an unloaded or dry trailer. Those numbers are somewhat irrelevant. You can either add the amount of weight of cargo you will tow to the dry weight (this is heavier than you think as most add 1000-2000 lb of gear) or simply use the tt gvwr to do your calculations. Being that this is your first tt, using the tt gvwr is the safer route for you. Next understand that the tt loaded tongue weight needs to be subtracted from your available payload.The loaded tongue weight is typically 13-15% of the loaded tt weight. For your purposes go wiith 13-15% of the tt gvwr. Remember you will need a good wdh, preferrably one with integrated sway control like the equal-i-zer or reese dual cam. All of this said, i do think this tt is a bit much for your truck. good luck.

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I would not do it, it won't be fun which is what this is all about. You will run out of payload quick also. With a half ton you want to keep the dry weight under 6K lbs unless your get and HD model, which would be the GM NHT package with 6.2L engine or an Ecoboost with Max Tow.
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I towed a 30BH with a GM 5.7 with 3.73. It did OK on flats, but in the hills or a headwind it worked real hard. I really had to watch the trans temp and I had all the HD/trailering options available. At 75K, the rear end bearings disintegrated and I probably only had MAYBE 20K towing. If possible, rethink your desires and get a smaller unit or larger tow vehicle.
Stan and Terri
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2012 4X4 1500 Trailering capacity is 9600 lbs - payload 1957 lbs. Advertized curb weight 5218 lbs.

3.73 rear end would boost the capacity to 11,200 lbs. I don't know how much it costs to change out a the rear end gears but you may want to consider it (not sure if the front diff gears would need changing too).

The dry weight of the trailer - you can expect it to weigh more that the advertized dry weight. Our trailer has an advertized dry weight of 9741 lbs. The weight leaving the factory was 10,014 lbs (options package I guess - there is a sticker in a cabinet with the factory weight).

I see you are from Minnesota - wife and I grew up in the Detroit Lakes area.

Bob and Pat

2012 Cruiser Patriot CF335SS.

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Always seems like trailer salesman work for truck dealers - they sell you a trailer over capacity for your truck and then you need to go buy a new truck after the first season out. For your truck, simple rule of thumb is a trailer that is dry weight of 60% to 65%of towing capacity.(6,000 lb max DRY). And even a light weight TT behind your truck if it is long will put significant additional forces ona lightertow vehicle. I prefer 3/4 ton or HD trucks when you get your overall TT length (including hitch) to 30 feet or more.

That 32BH will be over 9,000lbs when loaded with a 7,200lb dry weight. Our last trailer was a 2008 Fleetwood Terry 250RLS (29 feet total length) and it was 6,000 DRY and 7,900GVWR and towed nicely behind our 2005 F250 Super Duty with a 5.4L. Truck rated for 10K but nice to pull under that weight - lots of power in the hills with the 5 speed tranny and with only the gas v8 - heavier tow vehicle reduces a lot of forces the trailer puts on the truck. Pulled the same trailer with our 2011 F350 diesel and didn't know it was there - so we upsized the trailer!!

I agree with anaro that the proper way to determine capacity is how he mentioned through proper weighing of TV and TT. You will find your travels much more enjoyable and less stressful if you properly match your trailer to yourtow vehicle.

X2 Your options are to buy a smaller (lighter) TT or upsize your TV (expensive option).
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Same thing happened to said no problem for your truck! Mine was a 2009 Silverado with the Max tow and a GVW of 7200 lbs. We bought 2011 ST25RB and were very surprised at how fast the payload disappears. Not to mention the fact that your trailer dry weight is close to what my trailer GVWR is!

As you can see we upgraded to a 3/4 ton and would never look back......tows like a dream!

Lots of info to read up on in this forum and most is valuable so take it all with a grain of salt but ultimately you make the final decision.

Anaro gave the best advice to load up your truck and get it weighed.......that will be a real eye opener!
Then multiply your trailers GVWR by 12% and add that to your truck weight, This should give you a good estimate on the high side for your setup.

My 2 bits: Smaller trailer or larger truck

Edited by: Roadie66

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I towed a 29 ft. Sprinter TT with a 2001 GMC 1500 with the 5.3L.Trailer weighed 6,900 empty. It had tow package and a 3.55 rearend, 2wd. Cost $800.00 to change out rearend to 3.73. Truck towed great then, no issues. If you have a 4x4 you have to change out both differentials. Todays cost, probably at least $2,000.00. Just something to think about.
Dale & Carol
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I have an 03 Chevy Silverado 1500 HD 6.0 V8 with 410 gears. My truck can tow 10200 lbs. I wish I had more truck, I already put airbags to compensate for the sag. Go with a 2500 you'll be much happier. Don't get me wrong it pulls it and at 60-65 mph on the highway I'm running between 2500-3000 rpm. But I would hate to take it up hills.

Bert, Cathy, Kylie & Kaitlin
2014 SunsetTrail Reserve 32BH
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I don't have all the numbers but my 25RB is all I would want to tow with my 03 Z71 5.3L gas. Had no issues with cooling but think in reality a bit smaller TT or bigger TV would be ideal.

13 ST25RB
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Believe me you have plenty of truck. Let me first say you will be happier pulling with a 3/4 ton. However you will not be happier paying for that upgrade plus fuel.

I have a z71 Sierra with the same setup as you. 5.3l 3:42 gears and trans cooler. Im pulling a 28BH 6900lbs dry and have pulled all the way to Florida from Nashville and several 250 mile trips. The diesel guys may laugh when they pass me going up the hills in east Tennessee but I laugh in every other category. Then I drive to work and get 20 mpg. Change your fluids often and you will be fine.

I will give you the rundown on mandatory upgrades.

1. Airbags (I would have bought diesel if not for these.) I went with airlift, Firestone also makes a good set.
2. Quality weight distribution system and braking system.
3. Quality rotors and brake pads.


1. tuner chip
2. Cold air intake. Edited by: Waylonh
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I have been thinking about buying a tuner chip. Any thoughts on a particular brand?

13 ST25RB
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I was very happy with my Diablosport Predator on my 2005 F250 gas truck. When I went to my 2011 F350 diesel I now use H&S. I also used Hypertech for my former GMC 5.7l.

For gas trucks, the programmers can be more limited. The top ones available for your truck are Edge, Diablosport, Superchips and Hypertech. Best to do some research on the options you want. Programmers for gas trucks work best if you plan to run Premium and open up your intake and exhaust. My two former gas trucks were all modified with intakes and cats removed and ran 91 octane or better gasoline.
2013 CrossRoads Cruiser Patriot CF345RF
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