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Looking for a couple of small space heaters to use in the trailer when it's not cold enough to get the furnace roaring. Sort of just to take the chill off.

So far, heaters I've seen draw 12.5 amps. I'd like to get something that puts out good heat but with a smaller current draw, if possible. Maybe something around 9 or 10 amps so that I needn't run around the trailer turning off lights, TVs, etc. when the heaters are running. 25 amps is getting close to the 30-amp service you find in many campgrounds and also would come close to maxxing out the electrical system in the trailer, I think.

Any thoughts?

Dennis and Kate

and Aggie the Gordon setter

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find heaters that have different heat settings. I run mine on about 750 watts instead of 1500.
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Many heaters have two elements, a 600W and a 900W, so you can run any combo up to the max 1500W. We use two heaters in our unit all the time. In fact rarely use the furnace, maybe first thing in the morning. Never have to worry about maxing out the supply as long as both aren't on the full 1500W setting. Besides, the lights are 12V. FYI, we use oil filled heaters. While they are larger and heavier than most space heaters, they give off constant heat even when the element cycles off, this works better in a drafty RV. It will hold a more constant temperature and you will be comfortable at a lower power setting than having a fan powered electric heater or even the furnace cycling on and off every few min. Finially, we use plug-in controllers with their own thermostat to actually control the heater cycling. With the sensor located at the outlet rather than at the heater, this also helps provide better temp control.

When we are on a job, I may leave the trailer at 7am and the electric heaters are running yet by lunch time they have shut off several hours earlier and the A/C is about to kick in.Edited by: Dayle1
Larry Day

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Amps equal heat. Less amps, less heat. Can't get around it.
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We use this type in our small apartment and it works great. I think you can get a smaller one that draws less amps as well. This one holds a constant temp whatever you set it to and shuts off when it gets to temp. Also dries out the air so it cuts down on condensation when heating.

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We purchased the Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Heater
for the following reasons:

</span></span></span>Self Starting; after a power interruption this
heater picks up where it left off. Our more expensive Lasko tower heater
requires re-programming to restart.

</span></span></span>Low &amp; High Setting and both are
thermostatically controlled. 700-800 Watts on low is relatively safe on most RV
circuits. (We feel safe leaving it on while away from the RV). The high setting
is about 1200 watts. (On the HIGH setting if you plug in the coffee maker on
the same circuit the RV breaker will probably trip.)

</span></span></span>Small in size.

</span></span></span>Tip over protection.

If the Lasko heater cannot maintain the set
temperature and it starts cooling off in the RV then the GAS furnace cycles as

We plug the Lasko heater into a Luxpro programmable thermostat.
The Luxpro simply plugs into any wall receptacle and it does a great job
controlling the Lasko heater. We set the Lasko thermostat just a little higher
than the Luxpro as over temperature protection.

The basement and tank area need some heat and that is provided via the
gas furnace fan. To view the temperature in the basement plumbing area, we use
an indoor/outdoor thermometer with the outdoor sensor placed in the basement.
After seeing the basement temperatures drop to 35ºF we installed a small Lasko Personal
Heater on another Lux Thermostat in the basement. This system works great.</span>
luxor WIN100 Heating Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat)</span>


also installed an isolated 15 amp circuit just for the heater. It is a 120 vac duplex
outlet with its own circuit breaker and 12 ga heavy duty extension cord that
plugs directly into the camp ground power pedestal. Last summer the Lasko ran 150
nights and we had NO problems.</span>


Edited by: Kamper Dave
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Dennis, as others have said---Amps are directly related to how much heat it will put out. 1500W devided by 120V equal 12.5 Amps. No getting around that, to use less amps you need to use less watts, 1,000W heater will use 8.3 amps, 750W heater will use 6.25 amps. Look for a 1,000 watt heater, ormaybe somthing like a Mr. Heater, (propane) would work. (be sure and follow all manufacturer directions if using a gas fired heater in a TT).

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I use a Pelonis 5-disc furnace, HC-461. It has multiple setting options and I usually just run it with 3-discs and it will keep the camper in the upper 60's even when the temperature is in the lower 30's upper 20's. I keep on the kitchen counter and have a small circulating fan to push air up into the front part of the trailer. I have had this unit for over 4-years and I don't think I have used the furnace but once or twice per year....usually just to bring the trailer up to temp quickly and then let the disc furnace take over. Here is a link to the site....


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On recommendations from others on here I too purchased the Lasko Oscillating heater. Put it in the kitchen on the stovetop and run it on low and very seldom ever use the furnace. It's a comfortable heat and not to mention it saves on propane as well Good luck with your choice.

Happy New Year,

Jim & Linda Tator
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True Value Hardware sells small 750 watt Westpointe brand oil filled radiator type heaters (around $35). We have been using two of them, one at each end of the trailer, for three years without problem. We like them for their adjustability, silence when watching a DVD and during the night. They also work well to keep the trailer warm during the day. Don't use the furnace much except to take the chill off a cold morning if the electric heaters are on too low a heat setting overnight.

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I agree with 2 smaller heaters to spread the heat around,one in the front bedroom and one in the living room, o fcourse we only have one "floor" in the TT
Steve & Sandy

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