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Angry Angry Ongoing problem with lemon. problem still being worked on

I thought I would let current and prospective Crossroads owners know how Crossroads has handled our nine month long nightmare with our 2014 Elevation 3210. I will be fair and as it remains to be seen how this will end, it will be informative to others how Crossroads treats their customers after they spend in excess of $40,000 on a upper end toy hauler. I sincerely hope this ends favorably for us and I am able to write a happy ending to this so far miserable experience.
In early September of 2013 my wife and I purchased a 2014 Elevation 3210. We had both recently retired, and as we were moving from Ct to Sc to build a house on our property we wanted a large upper end camper that we could live in during construction. Additionally, we are long time campers and do several private events every year all over the east coast so this camper was to be the thing we enjoyed in our retirement......or so we thought.
Almost immediately after our purchase we noticed the front of the camper was wrinkled and there was a separation where the front panel met the roof. The dealer in NE Connecticut seemed to know of the problem and said it was a flaw in workmanship from the factory and they would repair it. By this time we had discovered several other flaws in workmanship such as the bed construction was uneven and the hinges ripped out of the wood, the control panel was constructed so poorly that the weight of the components had ripped out by the screws, and several pieces of trim had fallen off.
The repairs took a little over a month, and we got camper back and "repaired" by mid November. The repairs were not pretty, but we hoped they were sound and in December we left for SC to spend Christmas and New Years at our place there. Two days into our trip the bed broke and the thermostat would stop working in the middle of the night, but those were minor problems compared to what happened the first time it rained. During a downpour one night water started pouring into the front closets and soaked the bedroom floor. We emptied our wet clothing and other contents into the truck in garbage bags and dropped the camper at an authorized Elevation dealer in NC. That was January 2nd.
It has been nearly five months and the dealer has been unable to complete the needed repairs. The water damage was extensive as it had been leaking since the day it was made, and never properly repaired. the whole front bedroom area needed to be replaced as well as the roof and portions of the side walls. the bedroom cabinets have been shipped to the dealer two or three times as they were not made correctly and didn't fit. they say it will be done soon, but I have no confidence. I don't blame the dealer, they keep trying to get parts and they either get the wrong parts or have to wait weeks for them.
I initiated contact with corporate customer service in early January and was assured I would hear back from someone in a position of authority. I made numerous attempts by email and phone and none of my requests for help were ever answered by anyone until mid April when my wife managed to get a manager on the phone. We explained that we had sold our house and needed our camper to live in by early May. He did assure us he would make sure the dealer had the parts they needed, however, come May the camper was not and still isn't ready. The manager we spoke to did, to his credit agree to pay for a hotel, but we are now in this hotel for three weeks with a dog and a cat and it is getting very old. We have been asking Crossroads for a new camper since January and they simply don't acknowledge our request. even if they do actually repair my camper, I think they should replace it with a new one. I bought a new camper, and after nine months of not having it but one week, all I will have is a rebuilt camper.
Any comments, ideas? I will update this as it goes. Thanks, John & Donna
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I am sorry you are having so much trouble. It sounds like your unit should have gone back to the factory for repairs from the start. I would insist on nothing less. Where in NC is it at? I'm guessing one of the camping worlds. They are infamous for taking forever for repairs, although some camping worlds are better then others, if you didn't buy from them you go to the back of the waiting list. Even buying from them, they have been slow with me.

It has been the experience of many members on the forum that email does not work so well with crossroads and that the dealerships are usually the problem. I would keep talking to the person your wife spoke with and keep documentation of all conversations. Do not accept no for an answer and tell them you want this repaired to new condition at the factory or a brand new unit. Honestly at this point, I would insist on the new unit as I would be worried about mold and living in there full time the health issues it could present. Good luck and please keep us updated.

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I agree.

Thanx for the response. I don't want to malign the dealer (your guess was correct) as I believe they have done their best. the problem has been getting parts. Everything Crossroads sends seems to be back ordered or is the wrong part. They have sent two separate sets of bedroom cabinets, finally the dealer broke down and re-sized them there.
I agree with you with regard to replacing this unit, but they no longer make the TT3210, and I suspect unless I litigate they wouldn't do it anyway. The person I finally got through to is fairly high on the food chain there at Crossroads and I think he could make that happen. I have looked at their 2015 lineup and the only unit that is laid out comparably is the Richmond fifth wheel which would be fine on the back of my Ram 3500.
I'm hoping that this forum will shine some light on this problem and help resolve it.
One side note, I have a friend that lives in Mebane. When our camper started leaking we went to his house to unload all our stuff.
Thanks again, John & Donna.
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John, as much as I sympathize with you on your situation, I have to tell you.
This forum is not owned or operated by CR. This forum is privately owned and operated.
CR doesn't monitor the posts here. You will have much better results in your process by contacting CR by phone and keeping up the dialog, and remember
(be nice) You will get more with sugar and honey rather then vinegar.
Good luck
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Honey & Vineger

Lloyd, I totally agree. We have been very civil through this whole process but admittedly I am running low on patience.
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Honestly, some odds and ends are to be expected with any new camper. However, what you describe is unreasonable and you should not have to accept that. I can tell you that most states do not have a lemon law for towable RVs. I have read that the federal Magnuson-Moss law might offer some reprieve for serious issues. I am not a lawyer, so don't take my word for it. I think you have a right to demand a brand new replacement of a similar floor plan and price. As you stated, that might require litigation. Crossroads' reputation has been getting better since the change in management a few months ago. Maybe they will step up to the plate and do what is right here. Be cordial, but firm and frequent. An RV purchase shouldn't be a nightmare. Good luck to you.
Mike in Tennessee
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Good lesson in all this, don't be afraid to buy a late model used camper. I've owned 6 and only two have been new. Both of them had issues and one required a stay at the dealership. The other one I resolved myself because I needed to get on the road and could not wait for the dealer.

My 4 used campers (two truck campers and two 5th wheels) all were late model and in good condition. I spent considerable time looking them over and found no defects, leaks or signs of any structural problems. I saved thousands of dollars! The previous owners had been through the headache of warranty claims. Not me !!

Campers require constant maintenance. Leaks can develop often. At the end of every trip, I wash it down, then go over it top to bottom to search for caulking and sealant seams that have pulled loose. They flex a lot and the sunlight dries and shrinks things. Leaks severely impact the value of an RV.

I would bet that after your unit is repaired any future apprasal of it for a trade in or sale would be reduced because discoloration will always be evident
and hurt it's value. They should give you a new one!

The only trailer I can think of that has near zero issues with poor production quality would be an Airstream. These "airplane fuselage" looking units never leak but are profanely expensive. However you have to list it in your will because they last forever!
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2014 elevation 2014

2014 Elevation 3610 and trying to use an attorney to force CW to take back , a lemon from the start. 1 problem toilet overflowed twice because of faulty value and they say there is no damage? Really
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As much as I sympathize with you for your problems, it sounds more like a legal issue between you, Cross Roads, and your dealer. Please settle the issue you have with them, then if we can help you with other things, we will be more then happy to try.

Here is part of the rules here on the forum that we all have to follow.

Vendor and Customer Disputes: This forum is not intended to be a mechanism for people to vent frustrations about vendors or sales. Please settle your differences with sellers, manufacturers and dealers through the long-established legal or arbitration systems or the Better Business Bureau but not through our community.
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