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Miniozzy3 11-14-2019 02:26 PM

InCommand mod search.....
So I also decided that I am going to install a In-command Pro system.....

Then I started searching to get price

I discovered that unless I have a serial number of a RV with a factory installed system. I am S.O.L. the factories that install them will only supply parts if you are in need of warranty. Or you are directly replacing a system. You can not install them yourself...

Biggest load of horse crap I have ever seen.

All the systems I want to include go right to the Cruiser control panel. I have lots of room to install. With all the wires run already.

Has anyone managed to purchase a system and install it aftermarket?

There is a system on ebay but it is the gobal connect system and its incomplete. So really of no interest to me. As once again I need only the Pro version.

Miniozzy3 11-27-2019 07:24 PM

So I found the systems on ebay. right around 2000.00 USD then need to buy the DC.

Will have to wait till spring when I gain access to my RV again. Its going to be getting the Insurance work done this winter.

However it basically an mid level modification. Pretty much anyone with an ohm meter and test light can do. And to boot all the systems are wired in the same place.

Even the dimensions of the control board will fit in existing cabinet.

So anyone else looking to do this I would suggest looking at the Pro version.
to control 3 slides, water pump, awning,monitor 3 tank levels. and lighting of course.

travelin texans 11-28-2019 09:00 AM

From reading various forums about the InCommand system, DO NOT disable any of the switches that operate those various systems so when the InCommand doesn't cooperate you can still use them. Unfortunately those that have RVs built with that system are SOL when it quits, no slides, no heat/ac, no anything connected to it.
Not sure I'd be willing to pay $2k (to an eBay vendor??) plus however many hours of installation to create possibly MORE RV work/headaches.

Miniozzy3 11-28-2019 10:50 AM

Oh I had no intention of disabling the switches. But Iím checking on another option to have Bluetooth controlled relays.
Might be a better option than 2000.00 usd. And then get warranty as well. Just might take some programming.

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