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picked up new 5th wheel from thompsonsfamily home started checking out unit.turned on furance and air conditner came on to.started to install battery in smoke det. one screw fell out into my hand other was just in and that was all.door between bed room in hall has 1" gap wont stay closed.checked out tv antenna cranked it up pulled down to turn it came down in my hand front storage door you can move when raised.i like my unit ,but have ????? about it now
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Sounds like your RV dealer didn't do a very good job of servicing your unit before the delivery of it. You shouldn't have that many problems this early. Take it back ASAP or contact the factory and see if you can get them to finish what they started. Looks like your not that far from them.

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Could this have something to do why Dave Boggs left CR? From these recent posts it seems as though CR's QC is lacking. Even though the dealer probably did not do their part it is up to CR to furnish a unit road ready. Remember: You can't polish a turd.

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This state of affairs has apparently become the normal way of doing business for them as in the last couple of years this is a common happening. Unfortunately! I had an initial list of over 30 items some cosmetic, But many were major items that needed repair! I said it then and am saying it now that thank goodness for Randy Mischler & staff as we were made whole but why should it be like this?

I talked to people up the chain and they just passed the buck,So? It is shame as not very long ago they were a well built,quality unit but I am hard pressed to feel that way now !

My original list has long ago exceeded forty items and maybe more tomorrow.... It is a shame That what once was a symbol of fair priced quality has turned into this.

We love our Cruiser now after much major rebuilding by the guys in Topeka plus many hours of my own doingiI at home! It clearly lies In the employees in assembly plus the clear absence of any inspection stations or if there are any they are not manned for sure!,,We are looking forward to the new season starting out with a clean repair slate. I hope jbEdited by: John B
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And how much longer will Randy be there or in the role he is currently in? From the changes in management I have seen within Crossroads and the ones that are now in place and their pastwith another company that went under I have to wonder. Is it just a matter of time with Crossroads?????.......
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sorry to hear about your trouble. We also picked up our new 5'er, Cruiser CF29RKX,ordered it from Thompson family RV. We actually live about an hour north of Peoria. No problems with ours have had it out 2x. Hope everything works out for the best for you. Justcurious, what day of the week did it come off line? We took a couple of years, researching and checking out the customer forums of the other manufacturer brands and still find a lot fewer complaints about the product on the Crossroads forum than we did on the other forums.
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I will second the opinion that the dealership did not perform an adequate check to ensure all is well before it left the dealership. I would make a list, contact them first thing Monday with your concerns...they should step up to the plate, especially if they value their A+ rating with the BBB as stated on their website.
There is an adjustment you can make on the door so that it closes all of the way, but if the door is not staying closed, either you were not completely level, or something else might need tightening up. Perhaps the rough roads knocked something out of alignment. Last summer, due the wonderful state of the Minnesota road conditions, I had to perform a door repair mid-trip as the rough roads ripped the door right out of the brackets.
When I brought my unit home a few years back, I spent the better part of two days double checking everything from plumbing to electrical connections. Sure, I had a few things to tighten up, but nothing severe. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones. Keep us informed on your progress as I will be looking for a new dealer in the few years or so when we get ready to upgrade....


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We have some dear friends that bought a new high quality unit from the same dealer a couple of years ago and they couldn't say enough good pertaining to them very satisfied. but they can't fix what they don't know about..Jmho jb
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I have been in a "pre-Thor" Crossroads 5th wheel several times and it is a quality unit. When the company was small they had a thing called "PRIDE" in the work they did and the product they produced. Now the big boys have one thing in mind, get it out the door as quickly as possible so we can make another one as quickly as possible. My '04 has been a good unit, I just hope it last a long time because I do not like what I see when visit the RV shows.
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Having spoken with the right people they said when Thor purchased them that they liked their units,quality,customer satisfaction and bottom line.
They also stated that if they keep things as they are in respect to these items business as usual is what it will be!
The one thing they did say was we bring buying power to the table and if you need facility changes or buildings we have the resources to do this.If all is well In these areas you will not see us unless requested..
A reasonable length of time later I asked how things were going and was told exactly as was told to them two thumbs up,
I have said before why are these employees tying to sully the reputation of the company as the POOR workmanship lies in their hands and the inspectors are an integral part as they could stop this progression of poor workmanship quickly ,do it right or you are gone! JMHO Jb.
Traveling the country enjoying gods masterpieces.
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