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Just finished our first weekend in RF36SB, really had a great time and love the RV. Just wanted some input on a few issues.

1. Only problem was the electric outlets on the couch/table slide do not work. No fuse led indicators lit. No breakers tripped. Reset kitchen and bath gfi's, could not find any more. There are 2 different outlets on the slide, neither work.

2. The rollaway island leaves dimple marks on the floor just from the weight sitting there, would look a mess over time. Thoughts on what to do?

3. We have the king memory foam mattress. It is very heavy to lift to access storage and difficult to access with the mattress base balanced on my head as it does not stay up on it's own. Lift assist arms seem to be worthless. Thoughts on this also?

4. I have the 2recliners in the back oh the RV. I have to find / make a little table to sit the morning coffee or evening drink. Anyone found something that fits well?

Learned a little about battery conservation. I suggest when loading RV, connecting/disconnecting, playing with slides and such can all be done with battery off and connecting to the tow vehicle. Save battery for running refrigerator in prep for camping. Battery disconnect needs to be "on" to charge.

Not bad for first time out.
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my first guess for the plugs not working would be to check a GFI, one of mine tripped this weekend. But if you have already checked that then maybe there is a bad connection in the weather proof box under the slide. You could pull the cover and see. As for the bed, I had lift assist arms replaced on mine already for the same reason, the new ones are the same. I have a prop stick under mine, but do not usually need access under there. Just keep spare bed sheets there.

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X2 for checking the gray junction boxes under the slide. Water is a known culprit. I replaced my lift assist rods for heavier duty ones. Works fine now but I only have a 2" memory pad.

Not sure about the island setup but if it is tightly stowed during travel, you might try those furniture disks used to move heavy furniture.

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While not the same model (I have a Cruiser) I found that the wires in the electrical junction box (mine is located inside near the floor of the slide) were wire nutted together but the insulation was not stripped off of one of the wires. Stripped that wire, put the wire nut back on and they worked.

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freds department store(a chain in the south ) has many cheap tables,we bought the magizine rack table for $15,one lamp(also from freds),2 remotes and 2 coffee cups,fit well,for travel we just catch the table top on the sofa cushion and place the 2 pillows around it
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Hi we just purchased the RF35RL Rushmore and we too had some issues but nothing that can't be fixed. We made a list of problems we ran across and took it back for warranty work. The issues you have mentioned are minor too and I would suggest taking it back for the dealer to fix. You don't want to void the warranty digging into things that could turn out the wrong way. The electrical problem mainly! I also have the King bed with memory foam mattress but haven't expereinced the same issue you have but sounds like you got the upgraded mattress without the upgraded struts. That should be warranty too. I found a drop leaf table to put in between the recliners as I found there was no were to sit my coffee as well. There I sat all comfortable in my new recliner holding my coffee cup and had to sit a step stool beside me for the maiden trip out. The disc is a very good idea and may help or even solve your problem with the island but you will have to putsomething down that is stiff with a big foot print at each set of rollers to help minimizeor eliminate the problem.
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I was thinking those magic furniture mover disks that are felt lined on the bottom. How does the island secure for towing?
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Great suggestions on this site, thank you all.

I am really not complaining, we love this RV. Just discussing our findings, all are minor.

I have found that if I pull the mattress down and away from the headboard it is much lighter, it was just getting bunched up there. It will still not stay up by itself but I cut a couple broomsticks to use as proprods. I can live with this.

There is no electrical junction box under the slide, though all other Rushmore's I looked at has them, seems they put mine inside the frame inside the underbelly.

Great suggestions on a table, I will find one as several of you have given me good direction.

I did buy a 4 pack of carpeted roller cups at walmart for $3. I can live with this also.

Reply: The rollaway island is covered and sits between the table and couch, I do lock the wheels to keep it from rolling on a turn,2 of thechairs are folding chairs stored under the bed to allow room for the island during travel.

I did have one more issue come up, the couch slide gouged into the linoleum in the kitchen area, probably an adjustment issue with the runners / rollers whichever it has.

Still nothing major, all will be fixed under warranty prior to winter storage.
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We purchased a 2010 35RL. We used it for a couple of months in the summer. The mattress developed two indentations where we slept. It was not a very comfortable mattress. After we got home, I threw it out and bought a household type and it is wonderful. It is a lot heavier and I have to use a board to hold it up when I need to get under it to the storage. I also had to repair the under bed support. Where two plywood boards under the bed join, there was only a light 2X3. It was breaking away. I replaced it with a 2X4 and screwed the plywood to it. I then built a cross-member to support the center beam. The bed now is now soooo comfortable.
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We also have the memory foam mattress. The struts under our bed do a good job of holding the bed up. As someone mentioned, they might not have put the bigger struts in for the heavier mattress. Won't hurt to ask during the visit to the dealer. Maybe they have the bigger ones right there.

I emailed the factory to get a schematic of our 35RL. This was not much info but showed an outlet by the dining room table and one behind the couch. There is no outlet behind the couch and in order to use the air mattress feature of the couch, I have to plug the pump in over by the table. I think mine was built on a Monday or a Friday. Maybe yours too.

We had a narrow lone end table that just fits between the chairs when they are positioned for travel.(back to back) It makes for a good coffee type table by being taller.

When selecting our TT we opted for the L shaped counter. I think the caster pads will dothe joblike someone mentioned.

If anyone would like a copy of the schematic for the 35RL the factory sent me, just email me at c a s m i t h at y a h o o dot c o m. Just remove the spaces and fix the at and dot with the proper characters.


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