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I am wondering if anyone has had the same issues we are having in our 2013 Cruiser 355BL. Had techs here 3 times since they are local. Will be back next week to try to re-repair all of these issues:

1) Black tank gauge reads incorrectly no matter how much we clean and treat the tanks

2) Slides in kitchen and master bedroom have large open places exposing to outdoors

3) Found a slit in the flooring (sheet vinyl that looks like tile)

4) Chips and scratches happening daily in kitchen countertops (black with silver speckles)

5) Has to be releveled about every 5 days

6) Furnace makes an awful howling noise when it is about to go off

7) Rear stabilizer makes a loud squeak when our doxie walks across the floor

8) Floors under toilet and inone spot in dining area make a sound like they are moving or soft

9) Entry screen door sticks at top on the latch side/entry door handle is extremely hard to use when opening the door from outside/have to really give the door a slap to get it to catch

10) Fireplace makes a terrible vibration...can't even watch TV over the noise

11) Lights already burned out in control panel

12) kitchen sinks leak from somewhere other than from the drains...sinks are under-counter height and I think they and the faucet need to be sealed with caulk...we will see when techs come next week

At this point, I have to apologize for the length of this post, butI really need to get this off of my chest...LOL

Had techs here 3 times in 2 weeks.All the repairs seem to undo themselves and then we have the same issues over and over again.I now have plastic grocery bags stuffed into the corners of the slides and we are still getting some sort of orange ladybug looking crittersin the RV everyday. Put screens over furnace exhausts and have to reorder screen for water heater...ordered wrong size. Not sure where else we need to put screens. No clue how bugs are getting inside unless they were there when we bought it.

Other annoying issues: We had a Splendide washer/dryer combo installed in one of the master bedroom closets that was plumbed for it. Overflowed the black tank the first time I used it because the manufacturer had it draining into the black tank! Black tank is only 40 gallons. We had it replumbed and now we have a big drain pipe running through our basement toone of the gray tanks.It just about spins this RV off it's stabilizers and I am not even using the fastest RPMs on any loads! I am hiring two men to come and move it out of the house into our garage storage room that is plumbed forappliancesso I can still use it and to protect the RV from being damaged by the high RPMs. It seems to unlevel the RV every time I use it. Either that or the RV just can't stay level. It leans toward the nose.

We put extra stabilizers under the RV to try to stop the excessive wiggle and put a heavy duty hitch stabilizer under it, still wiggles no matter what and that squeak outside in one of the rear jacks is maddening and embarrassing. It sounds like a Chihuahua barking! If I didn't have a tech coming next week, I'd go out and WD40 it now.

When someone flushes the toilet, the surrounding neighbors can hear it. I was in the garage about 30 feet away and heard my daughter flush last night.At about the same time, my neighbor walked up to say hi, then thehowling in the furnace motor happened. Now, that was embarrassing!

I have read some other posts about the quality not being there anymore in new Cruisers. Very true, very true. I am not sure I want to keep this RV. I am extremely leary of it since we have been living in it for about 2 months now. I am not ready to say I would recommend someone not buy a Cruiser, but I'm leaning that direction.I guess if you aren't going to live in it full-time, it could be a great RV for you. I really studied all the brands that are on the market and in our price range. I really thought I had done my homework, but I see now that I was not nearly thorough enough. The looks of the RV made me fall in love and I saw none of the flaws until a couple of days after I moved into it. I am kicking myself for it the last two months. Almost all cabinetry is some sort of engineered wood covered with paper. Frankly, we live in ours full-time in a permanent location and I am worried about how this place will look in 5 years. I doubt it will hold up to even our gentle use.We are not careless or rough people and try to take care of our things. This RV is too easy to scar, scratch and dent.

We all dolove the floor plan and love the looks of the RV. It looks classy and well-built.The furniture seems to be high quality and well-made and it is oversized which is a plus. It seems to be easier on the electric bill, too. Our bill lowered by almost $90 the first month we had it and we are in TX in hotter temps.The floor plan is great for my husband and me and our disabled daughter (mental not physical).We had to give up some space in order to get her a private bedroom with a full bed in it, but she hasfrench doors with black opaque glass in them and loves it. We did have to remove the top full bunk so she could make better use of the room and bed, though. Not such a big deal. The windows are beautiful. I can't say enough abouthow beautiful the windows are and the spectacular views we get to enjoy. Also, the valance fabrics are not your run-of-the-mill unattractive patterns as in some RVs. I completely overlooked the fact that the windows have no day/night shades. Just shades and they are pretty much see-through. Our RV is parked in a way and surrounded by fencing that keeps neighbors from seeing in so easily.The kitchen is gorgeious and so easy to use. Cooking is a pleasure and even washing dishes doesn't seem so much like a chore like it was in our last RV. We are just worriedabout how the RV will hold up to years of daily use and how ragged it could look without really careful use in a very short amount of time.We aretrying really hard not to let the negativesoutweigh the positives. It gets a bit tedious having to walk on eggshells so nothing gets damaged, though. I can't even imagine how the floor got a1 1/2"slit in it. We don't wear shoes indoors. Or how thecountertops got scratched or chipped. Also overlooked the fact that there are no backsplashes on the walls around the kitchen sinks. Have to be very careful not to splatter walls. Kitchen sinks leak and I have bath towels underneath both sinks to catch leaks when I do dishes. We are so careful with everything and are still trying to get used to the RV. We have only been in it since Oct 1, 2012! I guess we can always change out the counters and put in laminate hardwoods or something, but I hadn't planned on doing that for years down the road. I have a neighbor in an older model Cruiser and her slides also have openings on each end and along the rollers under the rooms. I guess that is a design flaw or inevitable in a Cruiser. We did not have that issue in our old Carriage and didn't expect to have it in a brand new one. Anyone else have this issue and some or all of the issues we have had?

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First, the Cruiser line is really not a full time unit. It is meant as a vacation/weekend type RV. That being said, we spent six months in ours last year and eight months this year. Our Cruiser is three years old and seems to have been built to another, higher quality level. We had very few issues with the Cruiser itself under the original factory warranty. Since it has been out of warranty there have been a number of issues but nothing overwhelming or extraordinary. Seems as though there might be many more quality issues with later models.

We are in the process of having our Cruiser repaired after a major tire disaster after which it will be replaced, hopefully, by a new 35' WInnebago MH.

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I agree with #1, #2 and #9, also that general quality is not as good as earlier units. #1 is common to the industry, but seems to be worse now for some reason. You would have to upgrade the sensors to something like the SeeLevel II to get accurate readings. #2, maybe the slides can be adjusted to fix this. Mine has a single corner that doesn't seal, it needs more foam under the vinyl seal. I plan to fix it as soon as the warranty is up. For #9, the techs need to adjust the latch for the screen door, it is tricky, but it can be done.

If the unit needs to be re-leveled every few days, especially front-to-back, that has nothing to do with the trailer itself, but the type of soil and size of boards used under the jacks. We lived in our Cruiser for 7 months full-time w/o leveling issues and otherwise use it 3-5 weeks in a single location, again w/o issue. That with 2 people and 3 dogs.
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I'm on my second cruiser both 2012's and towed a lot of miles. The first one not one issue with, the second one I have a Brake issue with. The truck says there is a short in the wire, but it don't do it all the time! This will be a hard trace for dealer and I may just do it myself, because a lck of faith in others to do what I can do 100% on my unit.
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Quality issues are just what they are quality issues. Leveling is a spot, soil issue. park on concrete and you shouldn't have a problem. As for the washer / dryer this is typical, friends of ours have a combo in their Sandpiper and have the same issue.


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